Welcome to Life Off-Grid

What is Life Offgrid?

Officially ‘Offgrid’ refers to a dwelling that is disconnected from the electricity networks that serve a region.  Living Offgrid, therefore, means having to reinvent life as we know it.  It means choosing to live in a way that is dramatically innovative. 

The idea of running your home or shed completely free from the electricity grid and the big name energy companies is a very attractive life style choice.  Many property owners have already chosen this way of life, seeking the independence, sustainability, and the long term cost savings that an Offgrid energy system can provide.  

Living your ‘Life Offgrid’ means that 100% of your electricity will be derived through the collection of solar energy and any storage or backup resources required, for when the Sun is not shining.

At ‘Life Offgrid’ we aim to provide innovative solutions that give you the freedom to live anywhere while being able to produce, store and use energy the way you want while investing in our collective future.

·      Avoid power outages

·      Reduced electricity costs

·      Easy alternate for rural areas

·      Good environmental choice

·      You are in control